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We envision

to solve tomorrow's energy challenge by converting high altitude wind energy into electricity


This is no Fiction...

This is Science at work

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Geo-stationary operation

Our Airborne Wind Turbine operates in a singular point in space.


The Brainwhere Airborne wind power solution is a vertical system-of-systems able to ladder up to and operate at jet stream altitude

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Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 0.28.05.png

Mobile deployment

Based on meteorological forecast, our solution can be deployed following-the-wind instead of waiting for it.


The Secret Sauce

The system's rotation produces the lift and is converted to electricity through the generator

The center of gravity location below the rotation point stabilizes the system along 2 axes

The generator acts as a motor during take-off, landing or for bridging weak wind periods

Stability and control of the system is reached by real time control of the pitch angle of each wing


Our Customers

Off Grid Locations
Remote Locations.jpg

Currently more about 1 billion people live off-grid. Brainwhere's Airborne Wind Tubine allows for clean decentralized energy production at a lower Levelized Cost of Energy as compared to current diesel generators.

High Altitude Pseudo Satellites Operators
HAPS .jpg

Currently more about 49% of the world's poulation is "off line". Our geo-static AWT is perfectly suited as a HAPS enabling people to connect, to collaborate and to create economic value.

Off Shore Wind Park Extension
Off shore wind park.jpg

Complement existing wind park infrastructure and distribution network with Brainwhere's Airborne Wind Power solution resulting in higher overall Return on Investment.


ChangeNow Summit in Paris - Key Note on Sustainable Energy - September 2018

BBC World broadcast - Chasing the Jet Stream

BBC World broadcast - Chasing the Jet Stream


Do you want to shape
the future with us?

You are a challenger, you think out of the box and once it is framed you act as a go-getter within it.

And you are able to add the missing part in the previous sentence.

If you’re not, stop reading.

You live a culture where risk taking is the only way for changing things for the better and where failure means an opportunity to learn, improve and create value.

If you’re not, stop reading.


And most importantly, you are a believer that innovation and technology can change the world for the better. And that you are that change maker.

If so, you should be considering joining us as we are looking for a

Chief Marketing Officer

What you do?

  • Analyse energy and communication markets and engage with customers at C-level

  • Build a growth plan, create and convert a profitable pipeline

  • Set up and leverage an eco-system of customers, financial, industrial and academic partners and authorities for jointly shaping individual win-win-win value propositions

  • Act as a seamless interface between customer demand and solution specification

  • Spread the Brainwhere word to the world through events and social platforms

  • Build and grow the organisation based on business success

  • Report to the CEO and act as if Brainwhere were your own child


Who you are?

  • 10+ years of marketing and sales leadership experience in the clean energy sector, preferably in airborne wind power

  • Exposure to the telecommunication sector is a plus

  • MSc in electrical engineering or similar

  • Existing network of C-Level contacts in relevant governmental institutions, utilities and the investment community

  • Self-starter used to work in a start-up environment

  • Creative mind, goal oriented, hands-on and used to work under pressure

  • Fluent in English and German, any other language is a plus

  • Ability to invest and engage as a partner

  • Work location, preferably Switzerland

Use to tell us why you are the one and only.


Tell me more

Please fill your contact details below:

Thanks! Message sent. |   Tel: +41 79 2017170  |   Brainwhere GmbH Hornhaldenstrasse 34 CH-8802 Kilchberg Switzerland

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